Apple iPhone 6 caught fire in California, United States

Apple iPhone 6 caught fire in California, United States


Apple iPhone 6 of an 11-year old girl caught fire and exploded while she was sitting in her sister’s bedroom.

11-year old Kayla told a local news channel 23ABC that she was sitting in the room with her iPhone in her hand when it suddenly caught fire. She said to the news channel “I was sitting down and I had my iPhone in my hand and suddenly I saw sparks everywhere and I just threw my iPhone on a blanket while she was sitting on the bed and her iPhone managed to burn through the blanket and made holes in the blanket.”

Apple iPhone 6 caught fire in California, United States
Apple iPhone 6 caught fire in California, United States

After the incident, Kayla’s mother contacted the Apple support where she was told to send the pictures of the burned iPhone and they told her to ship the damaged iPhone to the retailer. Her mother Adata said in a statement to 23ABC “This could have hurt my child more badly and I am glad that she is OK.”

It is worth noting that many reasons cause the iPhone to catch fire like repairing iPhone from unauthorized centers, using unauthorized chargers or cables.

Yet Apple hasn’t commented on this matter but Adata said that the company is definitely investigating this matter and they will ship her new iPhone soon. Adata also said, “I know we used to charge the device may be a lot that caused it or maybe it is overheated.”

Well, this is not the first case ever where iPhone caught fire and exploded; back in 2014 iPhone 5C of a 14-year old girl caught fire in her pocket while she was in school. In 2017 a smoking iPhone 7 Plus video went viral on Twitter, shortly after this incident the company said they are investigating the matter. Then in 2018, Ohio based man said that his iPhone XS max which was less than one month old caught fire and exploded in his pants.


NOTE:  Never use any unauthorized data cables or chargers and never let any unauthorized service center to repair your iPhone it will damage your device not only iPhone but also Android



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