17 Technologies that died in 2018

17 Technologies that died in 2018

As the December is going to end even New Year is coming many technologies that once ruled our lives are now dead. Let’s take a look at the top 17 technologies that died recently.


  1. Google Chrome Apps:
    Google last year in December announced that it will shut down the app section if chrome web store for Mac, WIN, and Linux version of chrome but not for ChromeOS.
    As it was announced this, the company removed this function in the first quarter of 2018 and the chrome app developers said that the previously installed apps will work in the same manner they used to work.


  1. Google Tango:
    In 2017 Google announced that it will shut down its Tango project in 2018 and as promised the company killed Google Tango in March 2018. Tango was one of the most ambitious plans of Google which catered to reinventing cameras of the Smartphone. Tango helped developers to create reality-based apps for Android smartphones.


  1. Microsoft Surface plus Program:
    Last year Microsoft launched a new program called as Surface plus Program, which enabled customers to purchase surface device and pay via Instalments. This program also gave the customers the choice to upgrade in 18 months but this program did not last long and the company stopped taking enrolments from August 2018.


  1. Android nearby Notification:
    This feature was launched 3 years ago but the company decided to remove this permanently and kill it earlier this month.


  1. YouTube Gaming App:
    Google introduced the YouTube gaming app in 2015 and this year the company decided to kill the app permanently by March 2019.
  2. Nintendo’s app Mitimo:
    Nintendo in March 2016 launched a social networking app called Mitomo , the app enables the users to talk to their family friends on Android and iOS just by answering questions and share their responses via twitter and facebook integration.
    But there was a big problem that the app could only work when it was only connected to Nintendo servers and the company shut down those servers in may this year and as a result, the app was also killed in the whole process.


11:  Google Allo:

Google announced that it will shut down its messaging app which was launched in 2016 and the app will stop working by March 2019.  The company said that it wants every android user to have a great messaging experience so they are going to improve the functionality of the app.


10: Google+ :

This year in October Google announced that it will kill Google Plus. The company decided it because of the security breach which exposed the personal data of around 5Million Google Plus users.


9: Facebook Anonymous teen app:

Facebook killed its anonymous teen app, and the app was launched by Facebook in the year 2017.
This app is for anonymous media app just for high school students in the US.


  1. Facebook Moves:
    Facebook Moves was killed this year. This app is a fitness app and was purchased by Facebook in 2014. This app was plugged out on 31 July 2018.


  1. Facebook Hello:
    This app was launched in 2015 just for Android users and was killed on 31 July 2018. This app allowed the users to combine information from Facebook with contacts on their phones.


  1. Google Blob Emoji:
    Google shut down several of its services and this also include infamous Blob Emoji. The company shut down this app on World Emoji Day, however the company re-introduces the blob emoji in its messaging app Allo.


  1. Google Spaces:
    Google also shut downed its group messaging app called Google Spaces which was launched in the year 2016.


  1. Facebook M Personal Assistant:
    Almost after 2 and a half year, Facebook closed its project Facebook M Personal Assistant this year. Personal Assistant was only limited to around 2000 users in California in the shape of Chatbot in Facebook Messenger and enables the users to send stickers, make payments, create events and perform other tasks.


  1. Google URL Shortener:
    Google URL Shortener was launched in the year 2009 and has been an important and fun tool, but Google announced its shutdown sometime ago.


  1. Yahoo Messenger:
    one of the most famous social media platform Yahoo Messenger also shut down this year on July 17. This was launched 20 years ago in 1998 and was the oldest web experience for 90’s kids and it was famous for its chat rooms that allowed the users to talk in groups.


1.Google Inbox:

Google announced the shut down of its email app inbox which was launched in the year 2014 and this app will be shut down by March 2019.

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